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This was the former location of the official DEAD WORLD, DEATHPILE, and Malsonus
web pages. I have asked that they be taken them down because they were all sorely
out of date. In addition to that fact, I have accepted a graphic design position
with Relapse Records which will require me to move from Denver to Philadlphia and
this temporary disruption will effect all of these projects. I intend on getting
up-to-date web pages on my different projects in the future.

DEAD WORLD - I intend on recording again as DW but I will wait as long as is
necessary to have the resources needed to create recordings up to the standards
set by "The Machine".

DEATHPILE - This project will remain ongoing as I have all that I need at my
disposal to keep creating more satisfying recordings. I will be hard pressed to
make up for the loss of Brian D'Agosta and Don Poe and not having them around will
prevent me from playing live for quite a while. Keep an eye out for the upccoming
DEATHPILE CD on Self Abuse "Back on the Prowl".

Malsonus Recordings - I have decided to permanently fold my Malsonus label/distro.
I don't have the time or money to keep up the standards of my first two CD
releases and two projects with Crowd Control. I will continue working with other
labels to have my work released. Anyone interested in the two Malsonus releases
DEAD WORLD - "Thanatos Descends" and BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA - "Bled Out" can contact
me via e-mail. I also have copies of most of my other projects releases that were
put out by other labels for sale (while they last).

A million thanks to Evan Garrett for keeping this site going (and starting it in
the first place).

My new e-mail address is: jpc@relapse.com

Thanks to everyone that supported my projects in the past and will continue to in
the future. -Jonathan Canady 2.22.00